Get your toddler to go to sleep without drama in the house

Get your toddler to go to sleep without drama in the house

During the first year of your child’s life, there’s no point in even trying to impose any strict sleeping routine. Babies vary significantly when it comes to sleeping rhythm, but by the end of the first year, the things start to fall into place slowly. Some rough regime and schedule of the usual bedtime are established, but then the age of the toddles strikes. Toddler is strongly attached to their bedtime rituals. And usually, prefer sleeping with parents. Any change to that and you’ll be handling evening drama all over the house. Or you can apply some of these instructions and settle it in peace.

Make sure they exhaust their energy

Toddlers are curious and full of energy. If you want them to get to bed early, you’ll have to drain their inner batteries. Take them out, to the playground and make sure they get a lot of physical activity. Sign them into sports, engage into dynamic and active playing with toys and provide them with sufficient time spent in the fresh air. Once they are truly tired, there should be less resistance towards sleeping time.


Restrict cartoons, TV and PC games late in the evening

Keep them away from screens and monitors. Not only these activities capture their attention and keep their brain stimulated artificially, but various TV shows have a potential to increase toddler’s stress hormone levels and engage them in intensive thinking which interferes with the sleeping mode.

Make sleeping rituals and routines

Having healthy sleeping routine is essential to kids, so try to impose the same bedtime every day. Organize daily schedules in such manner to prepare dinner, bathing, and sleeping preparations at the same time. Pick various rituals and attach them to bedtime. For instance, engage a favorite toy into ritual and make your toddler in charge of getting a toy into bed. As you prepare a kid for sleeping, occupy his attention with preparing a toy for sleeping.

Don’t fall for emotional blackmails

All parents, mother, in particular, have a soft spot for their children, but there are moments when you have to stick to the discipline and resist crying, arguing and capricious behavior. If there’s a crying involved with bedtime rituals, try talking to your child, convincing or distracting them, tricking them with various fairytales. But if these fails, you will simply have to be an authority. You’re the one who has to set limits to establish discipline and a healthy daily schedule.



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