Before deciding to abort a pregnancy

Before deciding to abort a pregnancy

Facing a positive pregnancy tests strikes some women with enormous happiness, others with fear and concerns and some women end up desperate with a huge problem to solve. Pregnancy can be brought to term and ended with a healthy live baby. Or a woman may rethink adopting option. Or an abortion. Either of these choices has to be a choice of a free will made by a pregnant woman herself. But since pregnancy and having a baby is a radical change in the life of every woman, pregnant women having doubt about the right decision should think carefully before making a move. Especially if considering abortion. Before concluding that abortion is the best solution, make sure you go through these phases.

Have a thorough exam and talk with your gynecologist

Before making any decision, make sure you do the pregnancy test twice and undergo an ultrasound. The pregnancy has to be confirmed, and the ultrasound will tell you how far along you are. After gaining these data, your doctor will explain you the surgical procedure you’d undergo in the case of abortion. It is important to get informed precisely about risks and health issues abortion comes with.

Talk to people you trust


At the first place, talk to your partner, the father of a child. If you are considering abortion due to lack of financial stability or other technical aspects, knowing you can lean on your partner may be crucial for changing your mind. Support from relatives and close friends also matter a big time. Some women jump straight to decision of abortion due to a strong fear of uncertain future and due to the shock of unplanned pregnancy. The steady supporting net around them plays a big role in those moments.

Analyze all the options

Take all the aspects of your life into consideration. Forethink your current situation referring finances, career, health, age, relationship status, emotions and all other influencing issues. Try to weigh them and see what comes as a priority. Finally, and certainly not the least important, consider your emotions towards the upcoming child. Consider the life circumstances you’d be capable of offering to that child. If you are just scared and insecure and the future isn’t precisely preplanned, abortion doesn’t have to be the only way out you have. Don’t let the sudden strong emotions blur your rational thinking.

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