Pets enrich your kids’ childhood

Pets enrich your kids’ childhood

Getting a pet for your kids is a decision that will influence the life of a whole family. It’s proven that pets have positive effects on children’s’ development and behavior in many aspects, but since they require a lot of patience, responsibility, and dedication, many parents avoid making this step. On the other hand, here’s a list of various benefits pets provide to kids. It might help you with forethinking and decide whether to involve another family member or not into your home.

 Health benefits that pets provide

Growing up around a dog or a cat will boost your child’s immune system, get it used to various allergens and decreased kid’s risk levels of developing allergies and asthma. Playing with pets decreases stress levels, preventing your kids from developing various psychological issues or digestive symptoms caused by stress. If a kid owns a dog, spending some time outside walking with his pet will become a healthy routine. Active playing with a pet improves kid’s motor skills, coordination, and spacious orientation.

 Teach them responsibility

Make your child in charge of feeding a pet. Give him instructions, prepare food and dish, but leave the rest to him. Keep an eye on a whole thing, because the pets truly need to be taken care of properly, but involve the child into this responsibility. It will not only improve their levels of responsibility but also boost their care giving aspects of personality.

 Social and emotional growth

All the studies show that kids with pets have more self-confidence and less trouble engaging into various social relationships. Taking a pet out for a walk is a good chance to talk to other pet owners, to spend time outside gaining new friends and using the pet as a bridge and link between a child and surrounding society. Also, pets help children develop their deep emotions, learn to attach to someone and behave according to that emotionally. Pet makes friends with a kid and kid learns to treat them as a good friend should be treated. It teaches children to be kind, caring, sensitive to needs of others and responsible for helping others. It is all great for developing child’s personality in a profound and healthy manner.

 Trust and comfort for sure

Pets engage into relations with kids imposing no judgments or expectations. It is often useful to children, especially if they feel bad or hurt for some reason. Kids often tend to trust more to a pet than to a person and develop a strong relation with a dog or a cat that comes helpful in tough days.



Get your toddler to go to sleep without drama in the house

Get your toddler to go to sleep without drama in the house

During the first year of your child’s life, there’s no point in even trying to impose any strict sleeping routine. Babies vary significantly when it comes to sleeping rhythm, but by the end of the first year, the things start to fall into place slowly. Some rough regime and schedule of the usual bedtime are established, but then the age of the toddles strikes. Toddler is strongly attached to their bedtime rituals. And usually, prefer sleeping with parents. Any change to that and you’ll be handling evening drama all over the house. Or you can apply some of these instructions and settle it in peace.

Make sure they exhaust their energy

Toddlers are curious and full of energy. If you want them to get to bed early, you’ll have to drain their inner batteries. Take them out, to the playground and make sure they get a lot of physical activity. Sign them into sports, engage into dynamic and active playing with toys and provide them with sufficient time spent in the fresh air. Once they are truly tired, there should be less resistance towards sleeping time.


Restrict cartoons, TV and PC games late in the evening

Keep them away from screens and monitors. Not only these activities capture their attention and keep their brain stimulated artificially, but various TV shows have a potential to increase toddler’s stress hormone levels and engage them in intensive thinking which interferes with the sleeping mode.

Make sleeping rituals and routines

Having healthy sleeping routine is essential to kids, so try to impose the same bedtime every day. Organize daily schedules in such manner to prepare dinner, bathing, and sleeping preparations at the same time. Pick various rituals and attach them to bedtime. For instance, engage a favorite toy into ritual and make your toddler in charge of getting a toy into bed. As you prepare a kid for sleeping, occupy his attention with preparing a toy for sleeping.

Don’t fall for emotional blackmails

All parents, mother, in particular, have a soft spot for their children, but there are moments when you have to stick to the discipline and resist crying, arguing and capricious behavior. If there’s a crying involved with bedtime rituals, try talking to your child, convincing or distracting them, tricking them with various fairytales. But if these fails, you will simply have to be an authority. You’re the one who has to set limits to establish discipline and a healthy daily schedule.



Before deciding to abort a pregnancy

Before deciding to abort a pregnancy

Facing a positive pregnancy tests strikes some women with enormous happiness, others with fear and concerns and some women end up desperate with a huge problem to solve. Pregnancy can be brought to term and ended with a healthy live baby. Or a woman may rethink adopting option. Or an abortion. Either of these choices has to be a choice of a free will made by a pregnant woman herself. But since pregnancy and having a baby is a radical change in the life of every woman, pregnant women having doubt about the right decision should think carefully before making a move. Especially if considering abortion. Before concluding that abortion is the best solution, make sure you go through these phases.

Have a thorough exam and talk with your gynecologist

Before making any decision, make sure you do the pregnancy test twice and undergo an ultrasound. The pregnancy has to be confirmed, and the ultrasound will tell you how far along you are. After gaining these data, your doctor will explain you the surgical procedure you’d undergo in the case of abortion. It is important to get informed precisely about risks and health issues abortion comes with.

Talk to people you trust


At the first place, talk to your partner, the father of a child. If you are considering abortion due to lack of financial stability or other technical aspects, knowing you can lean on your partner may be crucial for changing your mind. Support from relatives and close friends also matter a big time. Some women jump straight to decision of abortion due to a strong fear of uncertain future and due to the shock of unplanned pregnancy. The steady supporting net around them plays a big role in those moments.

Analyze all the options

Take all the aspects of your life into consideration. Forethink your current situation referring finances, career, health, age, relationship status, emotions and all other influencing issues. Try to weigh them and see what comes as a priority. Finally, and certainly not the least important, consider your emotions towards the upcoming child. Consider the life circumstances you’d be capable of offering to that child. If you are just scared and insecure and the future isn’t precisely preplanned, abortion doesn’t have to be the only way out you have. Don’t let the sudden strong emotions blur your rational thinking.

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