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Every motherhood story is a unique journey, and every Mom experiences it differently. You’ll find it hard, scary, overwhelming, emotional, adorable and fulfilling and you might use some advice from other Moms during this journey. Join the realm of Moms at this blog. 


Proper nutrition and schedule for introducing various foods into your child’s diet are crucial for his wealth and healthy development. Whether it’s breast feeding of an infant, preparation of food for school child or nutrition supporting proper puberty development of your teenagers, providing an adequate diet for your child is one of the most important aspects of the Motherhood. 


Sufficient quality sleep is another essential aspect of child’s proper development. Many parents struggle a big time catching sleeping schedules of their babies, while toddlers and teenagers often dodge bed time requiring discipline methods imposed by parents. Find out some useful advice for tricking your child into regular, healthy sleeping regime.


Vaccines, ear and throat infections, injuries from the playground, gynecological exams, and many other medical issues are regular tasks every Mom faces occasionally taking care of her child’s health. Our blog provides all the information you might need to boost your kids’ health, to fulfill all the health care tasks and keep them safe and sound through their sensitive years.


Should you give him five or six meals in the age of five months? Should you let him stay awake after 9 pm during school days? How to motivate them to deal with homework? What housework can you handle to your child? How to approach into the intimate zone of an adolescent? And more. Click below and find out.

Go Easy on Self-criticism

However organized and good at multitasking you are, there will be days when things just fall apart, and event fail to match your plans. You’ll feel like the worst Mom ever incapable of handling basics of motherhood. Go easy on yourself in these phases, because it happens to every mother. Pushing the limits and blaming yourself for every mistake will only make things worse. The best is to stop, breathe and take another try. Keeping in mind that trying hard is what counts more than succeeding every time.

Don’t Forget the Kids

It sounds stupid, but many Moms fall into this trap. Rushing around to cope with all the duties and worrying about thousands of aspects motherhood imposes on you, don’t forget just to slow down, spend time with your kids and simply be emotionally available to them. An hour of carefree playing is often more important to your child than ironing of every cloth item or cleaning the dishes right away. 

Ask for Help and Directions

Nope, you are not expected to know it all spontaneously. Not when you’re handling a baby, neither when they grow up to high school. Every phase of child’s life faces you with different challenges, so don’t hesitate to talk to other Moms, ask for advice, share experiences and call for assistance if a certain task troubles you particularly. 

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